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Max Kimber has written a number of papers covering microwave system design, natural gas demand and supply assessments, research and development in the petroleum pipeline industry and economic regulation for energy infrastructure.  Some examples are:


Kimber M.J. , The changing face of the Australian pipeline industry 1998 - 2010 The Australian Pipeliner October 2010

Kimber M.J., Natural Gas Development - Model for CCS in Australia

Kimber M.J., Venton P., Australian Pipeline Research Program - Keeping the Australian Pipeline Standards Up to Date Keynote Address, PRCI-APIA-EPRG  Joint Technical Meeting, Orlando, FL, USA May 2005

Kimber M.J., Moran A., More than Davy Lamps and Canaries – Coal Seam Methane in the 21st Century, IPA Energy Issues Paper Number 34, 2004

Kimber M.J., Venton P., Fletcher L., Submission to Productivity Commission’s Review of the Gas Access Regime. February 2004

Kimber M.J., Fletcher L., Haddow, I.H. Managing Australia’s Thin Wall High Strength Pipelines, 4th International Conference on Pipeline Technology, Ostend, Belgium, May 2004

Kimber M.J., The Australian Pipeline Research Program – Outcomes and the Future, Proceedings, APIA Convention, August 2003

Kimber M.J. Pipeline Research & Technology – Where are we going? Presentation to APIA Convention Darwin 2003

Kimber M.J., , Haddow, I.H., Chipperfield C., Australian pipeline research, Joint Technical Meeting of the EPRG, PRCI and APIA RSC, Berlin, May 2003

Fletcher L., Venton P., Kimber M.J., Haddow I., Bilston K., Australian standard AS2885: a modern standard for design, construction, welding, operation and maintenance of high integrity petroleum pipelines, Joint Technical Meeting of the EPRG, PRCI and APIA RSC, Berlin, May 2003

Kimber M.J., How Safe & Reliable are Our Pipelines?, Australian Pipeliner, November 2003

Kimber M.J., CoAG Energy Market Review – Submission on Gas Pipeline Regulation to the Parer Energy Market Review, December 2002

Kimber M.J. Research In The Australian Pipeline Industry, Proceedings of the Joint Technical Meeting of the European Pipeline Research Group and the Pipeline Research Council, New Orleans, May 2001

Kimber M.J., Commercial Regulation of Greenfields Pipelines - A New Paradigm, The Australian Pipeliner, October 2001

Kimber M.J. Natural Gas Pipelines: Economics Of Incremental Capacity, AGA Journal, May 2000

Kimber M.J., Gas Pipeline Regulation – Does it Lead to Lower Prices?, Proceedings APIA Convention, October 1999

Bilston, Fletcher, Kimber, Venton, Research Shows That X80 Pipe Can Be Welded By Conventional Methods, The Australian Pipeliner, July 1999

Kimber M.J., Australia’s Gas Reform Process and Its Effect on Gas Prices, IMR Conference on Gas Pricing & Contracting ’98, Melbourne, 15 – 16 June 1998

Kimber M.J., An Analysis of the Proposed National Code – A Pipeliner’s Perspective, Proceedings of Conference on Gas Reform & Restructuring In South East Australia Melbourne 10 – 11 November 1997

Cabral M.A., Kimber M.J., Pipeline Fracture Experiences In Australia And North America, APIA Symposium on Pipeline Fracture, Sydney August 1997

Kimber, M.J., McDanold, M.J. Submission to the Gas Reform Implementation Group on July 1997 draft on the National Third Party Access Code, 24 July 1997

Kimber M.J. Privatisation Of Australia’s Government Owned Pipelines, Proceedings APIA Convention, Townsville, Australia, 26-31 October 1996

Kimber M.J. The Changing Face Of The Australian Pipeline Industry, Pipeline Research Committee (USA) Ninth Linepipe Symposium Houston TX September 1996

Kimber M.J., The development of an Australian Standard for fusion bonded epoxy on line pipe, National Association of Corrosion Engineers Conference, San Francisco, USA, 9-13 March 1987

Kimber M.J., Development Of Australia’s Natural Gas Resources, Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA) Journal, March 1984

Kimber M.J. The Darwin - Mt. Isa Radio Relay System, The Telecommunication Journal Of Australia, Vol 24 No 1 1974

Kimber M.J., Lange V.W. The Darwin-Nhulunbuy Tropospheric Scatter System (Part 1), The Telecommunication Journal Of Australia, October 1972 & February 1973

Kimber M.J., Lange V.W. The Darwin-Nhulunbuy Tropospheric Scatter System (Part 2), The Telecommunication Journal Of Australia, October 1972 & February 1973


NOTE: Neither M.J. Kimber nor M.J. Kimber Consultants Pty. Ltd. accepts any liability or responsibility whatsoever for the contents of any of these papers in respect of any use of or reliance upon them by any person or party.